The basis for inspiration.

TrackTo conjures images magically from any computer. Creativity thrives best in an optimal and inspiring environment. TrackTo works in such a unique location. The building, an old launderette from 1901 situated in a village which came about in 1200. The bedrock of the "Launderette" lies on a mound which stems from the period before ± 800 BC. It’s probable that Druids survived the floods of the then capricious river the ’Maas’ here. In 1901 the monastery of Engelen initiated this building to serve as a launderette. For many years the habits and sheets of various monastic orders from ’s-Hertogenbosch were washed, ironed and folded here. Inspired by others, TrackTo took over the building. It was meant to be, for nearly two thousand years it’s been a magical place for many. There is no better place for inspiration and creativity. Make an appointment and get inspired as well, feel this magic too.