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An infinite space

Drawing the audience into an infinite space. Not only can projects be projected onto the surface of a building, they can also manipulate the surface.
What is actually real, and what virtual? It is a fantastic feeling to tweak the audience’s sensory perceptions.
The audience’s viewing angle is crucial, as it determines from which perspective the viewer is drawn into the story. The point of view from which the illusion is most aesthetically pleasing and convincing. It is therefore vital to juxtaposition the building and audience highly meticulously, thus ensuring that the viewer is imperceptibly drawn into the virtual story.

Shared Immersive Experience

Marvel plays the key role in a 3D mapping event.
A shared immersion in a virtual world.
These are events with the exceptional phenomenon that the audience shares an individual virtual experience with bystanders. A collective and compelling experience. Not the sort of individual virtual experience that one is exposed to using a VR headset therefore, which makes it difficult for one to witness others’ emotions and reactions. 3D mapping, aka called project mapping, is invariably focused on the audience, as there is nothing more pleasant than the opportunity to jointly marvel at the experience. Shared Immersive Experience This is where the digital world and human emotion are reunited, an aspect we may have “forgotten” due to digitalisation. Connecting people with images, music, while manipulating reality.