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‘DIORAMA’ is a 3D mapping that enables the audience to choose its own route around the building. It is therefore not a ‘static’ project. The four walls of the TQ building at Strijp-T symbolise the four cardinal directions in relation to science. The projection guides one around the building. Viewers are both free to make their own connections between the four ‘directions’, the four projection walls, and further ‘model’ the experience themselves.

‘DIORAMA’ lends one an exceptional view of the TQ building; nothing is what it seems, everything is an illusion. Or is it? As dimensions are no longer relevant, there is no distinction between large and small. Our sense of amazement, marvel and curiosity are all that remains. The driving force behind the passionate scientist. From all sides, these elements merge into one. A search for the unknown, the new, a quest to find that which does not yet exist. Progress and development can no longer occur without the aggregation and accumulation of individual knowledge, courage and perseverance of thinkers, creators, dreamers, doubters, artists and many, many others.

A simple ode to everyone who occasionally feels like a scientist.
GLOW Eindhoven 2021 edition “Moved by Light”
Dirk van Poppel, TrackTo: concept, motion design, 3D mapping, VR
Studio Make: sound design, composition.
Sahara Benelux: technique
Christie Digital: projection technique