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Real 3d-mapping

The originality of the work is paramount. The fact that TrackTo uses 3D software enables us to retain complete control. This affords us the opportunity to make optimum use of content/ visualisation/motion design for our 3D mapping projects. We are therefore not restricted by the need to purchase stock images, such as VJ loops.

The fact that we build all our own content offers us the added advantage of total control over our project, content and performance and the royalty-free use of all material. This enables establish on a project-by-project basis the compatibility of content and the building, with a view to merging the two in an original spectacle. Stock images are often rather mundane and jittery. We prefer to instil a sense of tranquillity by creating an original product, allowing the show ultimately presented to both surprise and convince the audience.

The size of the building (project) also often determines the speed of the content, as this helps retain both the sense of reality and the intensity of the connection between the audience and object. A convincing dynamic, the interplay between the actual building and the digital images, the logic and physics are all key factors in optimising the original experience our projects offer.
GLOW Eindhoven 2022 edition “URBAN SKIN”, Scene from STAY TUNED
Explanation workflow real 3d-mapping.