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The Concept behind DIORAMA:

Visitors are given the scope to experience DIORAMA from four opposing viewing angles, projection walls. The four cardinal directions. The audience therefore moves in four separate directions. There are no long queues or bottlenecks. The four separate 3D mapping projections generate sufficient space around the building to create a salubrious flow and therefore a more intimate kind of experience. Rather than distancing themselves, the projections present an into-the-face experience, while practically shouting “Touch me!” The “view it from various perspectives” theme is literal in this regard. Our progress, development and survival can no longer occur without the aggregation and accumulation of individual knowledge, courage and perseverance of thinkers, creators, dreamers, doubters, artists and many, many others. By sharing and merging knowledge, passion and, above all, the sense of marvel, we may eventually devise new ways of seeing. We need to re-examine our knowledge from various angles. My intention in producing DIORAMA is to share my sense of enthusiasm and marvel with the audience. Its imagery is accompanied by music that also ‘reverberates’ around the building. A system comprising 22 mono channels and 26 speakers, enables one to experience the music naturally throughout the venue. It prompts the audience to pursue their own sense of curiosity. Surprise and marvel are the connecting words for this DIORAMA project.

Shared Immersive Experience:

A selection of photos of the DIORAMA project. A 3D mapping surfaced around the TQ1 building, at Strijp-T in Eindhoven. A multi-faceted experience, presenting a different perspective on each projection wall. Projection in the four cardinal directions. Also check out DIORAMA INSIDE, to experience it from the inside in a virtual environment.