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STAY TUNED a total experience

Foreword GLOW Eindhoven:
“Born and bred in Eindhoven, Dirk van Poppel is the artist who supervised the ASML GLOW Lab. Together with the team, he has succeeded in developing the ideal blend of craft and modern techniques. As an art academy student, Dirk learned to both contemplate and experience all that art might possibly comprise. As a mapping artist, Dirk has been involved in GLOW for many years. Each year, he endeavours to devise a new element to extend the world of 3D mapping. For example, the technique applied in creating Stay Tuned had never been previously utilised. Central Station, the Student Hotel and the imagery projected on the ground all merge to form a single entity. The inspiration for this light artwork stems from his intuition and the accompanying sense of marvel. Dirk is adept at transforming thoughts and language into images. And this process requires neither clarification, explanation, nor reason. He nevertheless manages to make people marvel at things they don't quite understand.”

Shared Immersive Experience:

A selection of photos of the STAY TUNED project. A 3D mapping project hosted at the station concourse in Eindhoven. Eindhoven Central Station, The Social Hub and the public gardens on the station concourse served as the backdrop. The three individual “image carriers” merge splendidly in this regard. The projection on the immense glass facade of the branch of CoffeeLab in Central Station is truly unique worldwide. The separate seating elements issue their own invitation to participate in the story. As part of the storyline, each seat literally puts the viewer in the limelight.
Photography: Ralph de Pagter, Dirk van Poppel, Max Kneefel, Bart van Overbeek