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Stay Tuned is a story about you and me.
A joint project in which Eindhoven Central Station and The Social Hub visualise the minutest details.
A quest to find the balance between humankind and technology. Technology would not exist without cooperation.
It starts and ends with humankind. It is a quest into the unknown; the art of losing oneself before returning home.
The story is about the fascination and marvel that both the large and small evoke.
The very smallest man-made objects, which are vital to the modern world we live in. Stay Tuned is a spectacle of pictures and sound; an invitation to become amazed and inspired. We in the Brainport region endeavour to do great things in an innovative, intuitive and energetic manner. Lithography machines manufacture the smallest things possible: chips. Big thinking about the incredibly small, you might say.
The station forecourt is highly dynamic, an important backdrop on which Stay Tuned is projected. For every passer-by with its rich history in mind, to any dreamer who is curious about the future. Stay Tuned is for everyone. Our progress, development and survival can no longer occur without the aggregation and accumulation of individual knowledge. Nor without the courage and perseverance of thinkers, creators, dreamers, doubters, artists and many, many others. Everyone counts. From large to small, in order to create something really grand once more. Shifting from humankind to technology, then ultimately returning to the former. Get inspired, stay tuned, engage, join in...

Did you miss the light show STAY TUNED during GLOW?
Come together at the Stationsplein and be amazed. 
Enjoy this Shared Immersive Experience in VR 360 video.

GLOW Eindhoven 2022 edition “URBAN SKIN”

Created in close collaboration between ASML - TRACKTO
GLOW Eindhoven: Initiative
ASML: Storyline, support, production
TrackTo, Dirk van Poppel: concept, 3D mapping, VR, production
Studio Make: sound design, composition.
Sahara Benelux: technique
Christie Digital: projection technique