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In SHAPE, you can hear, smell, and see DAF. It’s a tribute to the many designs and invented components that travel around the world from the DAF factory in Eindhoven.

Dirk van Poppel and Michel Suk present the story – which began 95 years ago as a foundation for Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagenfabriek N.V. – in their own unique way. Three trucks with trailers, each about 14 meters long, are set up on Stadhuisplein and portray a narrative inspired by the numerous large and small parts that power the engine. From minuscule screws to cylinder heads and robust engine blocks, these everyday objects unintentionally become artworks. With the factory orchestra as accompaniment – featuring the literal sounds of the factory floor – and the trucks as actors in the show, the beauty of the industrial world is showcased.

In SHAPE, we combine projected light and natural light in a performance, with every pixel you see created by them. It becomes a mechanical dance of the engine, where each component is of great importance in forming a powerful (and functional) machine. Ultimately, the engines become ‘The Beat’ of every moving vehicle. Like a beating heart, but tough, resilient, and made of steel. It provides a different perspective on heavy industry; surprising and hopefully leaving you in awe of an unforgettable experience.

SHAPE made possible by:
DAF Trucks N.V., GLOW Eindhoven, Sahara Benelux, Christie, Pronorm, Power4You

GLOW Eindhoven 2023 edition “The Beat”
Dirk van Poppel & Michel Suk
Sahara Benelux: technique
Christie Digital: projection technique
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